Sunday, December 18, 2005

WEEKEND Round-upzzz

BIG UPS to the man Steve Schroeder for finding another ghost shoes pic. I wanted to post it but for some reason I couldn't save it. (WTF?!?!?!) Anyway, check the comments for the link. In it, we have another space-croucher ready to do a moon-jump.


You might remember our brief exploration of message boards from a few weeks back. In it, we learned about the amazing love/hate relationships high school lacrosse players have developed with Mike Jones. Tormented by what they regard as Jones' blatant homosexuality, they nonetheless cannot stop themselves from singing his name over and over again.

I thought message board soul-searching couldn't get any better than that...BUT IT HAS. I came across this message board while searching for info about the Borat movie.

It is the official message board of the "Stormfront White Nationalist Community." The thread kicks off with "England's Hammer" asking:

Did anyone see him doing his anti-Jewish country song on C4 earlier? It cracked me up.
And yes I know he's Jewish.

The ensuing conversation proves both how STUPID white supremacists are and how COMPLEX the comedy of Sascha Baron-Cohen is. Despite Baron-Cohen's Jew-ness, these clowns CAN'T HELP but find his show funny. They are especially amused by the classic scene of Borat playing "Throw the Jew Down the Well" in Tuscon, Arizona.

This raises some interesting questions:

Why do people like us (college-educated, liberal, Internet Vibes-readers) find it funny? Is it for a different reason than the White Supremacists?

My immediate reply is the same as Steve Zissou's: "Well, it's got to be."

OK, we like Borat's anti-semitism because it shows the inherent RETARDANZA of all racism by grafting it on to a backwoods Kazakh, right?? When he sings that song, we are cracking up because the song is OVER-THE-TOP and because Borat is JUST PLAIN FUNNY. Also, the fact that the audience starts singing along is FUNNY in a kind of WEIRD and SICK way.

So, why do these boneheads like it? Yes, Borat is JUST PLAIN FUNNY. We can all agree on that. Is that it though? Do they also recognize the OVER-THE-TOP funniness of the song? Maybe in a different way?

"Yes, I hate Jews, but the idea of throwing them down a well is both an inefficient means of extermination and a playful jab at the anachronisms of Central Asian village life."

Is that what's going on here???

"Legion" sees through the layers of irony, but STILL FINDS IT FUNNY:

I did find this funny last night however I'm not a fan of Borat or Ali G, at the end of the day he's just a Jew who's having a good laugh at us white people.

Later in the thread, some of the more "intellectual" white power internet nerds show up to let everyone know that Ali G/Borat is NOT FUNNY.

ANYWAY, what do you think? Does looking at White Supremacists looking at a Jew playing a Muslim pretending to be Black give you any new insights into life?

Also, is the idea of Vice Magazine style "post-racism" even possible?


Anonymous alec said...

i'll tell you what i think is going on here. i like Ali G because it reenforces my beliefs of ignorance being a pervasive value and can laugh at myself and the rest of the society as we struggle to maintain any hint of integrity or intelligence. plus, have you seen the episode they refused to show in the US where borat goes hunting in texas, only to talk about the holocaust, jews, and blacks with the owner of the park? amazing, then again, he isn't interviewing any second generation jews who probably ejaculate when they see pictures of blown up palestinian children

4:32 PM  

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