Sunday, September 18, 2005


Today I rode my bike from the beautiful and mysterious Upper West Side of the Isle of the Manhattoes to the arguably less-beautiful and more-mysterious Minnehanonk aka Randall's Island, former home of the New York Cosmos.

It's a weird island (not as weird as Roosevelt Island, though, which we should talk about one day). Actually, it's an amalgamation of three islands artificially connected through paved-over landfills. It's a transportation hub as well, propitiously located between the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. On this particular Sunday, I saw lots of barbecues, chill-out sessions and amateur league sports.

Moving between the islands of New York City on a bike, I was struck by the physical geography in a way I never feel when I take the subway from one hood to another hood; Manhattan is an island! Even when I stare at the New Jersey homeland from Riverside Park, I am so bound by cultural and personal geography that I forget that, like the Maharishi Yogi or Dave Longstreth's Don Henley, I simply live on a ridge overlooking a river.

This is not to say that like the oft-ridiculed cheerleader of Glen Ridge High School who was publicly amazed to learn that the Lincoln Tunnel is underneath water, I am a geography dumbass. (I think??) I am talking about the multi-layered understanding of geography which I am exploring in my own mind. If this is not clear to you, it's probably because you are not me, but even this point is debatable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wots your favorite?

5:23 PM  
Blogger Ezra said...

My favorite island is Jamaica because it is the birthplace of the Sleng Teng, Diwali and Murder She Wrote riddims. A close second is Turtle Island.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Chief LP said...

"We were here long before you came, and we expect still to be here long after you too are gone." --Chief Little Nipple

1:47 AM  
Anonymous alec said...

I have some VERY serious vibes to share with you in regards to Native Americans: check this out.

What can be said/done about this?

1:11 PM  

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