Saturday, January 14, 2006


OK, I'm back from WINTER BREAK and ready to rock out on Internet Vibes. Hopefully, you were all so busy doing WINTER BREAK stuff that you didn't realize that I stopped writing on this piece. Anyway, what's done is done.

Let me share some pictures from the past few months:

Remember when I told you I went to Syracuse, NY? This is what I did there. Windfarms are super-weird because they combine a chilled-out rural setting with giant, white , alien towers.

This is from Syracuse as well. I can count at least three layers of meaning and 79 triangles in this picture. How about you?

This is an egg pizza we cooked up at Rostam's on New Year's Eve. Yes, it was delicious.

Speaking of giant white things, this is the Washington Monument; probably my all-time favorite monument. It's so powerful and bizarre. Did you know that one of the original designs for the Lincoln Monument was a giant pyramid (presumably to complement the Washington Monument's obelisk-nature)? Wouldn't that have been insane?


We're going to talk about the SCARY and PROVOCATIVE Indigo Children phenomenon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like your comment about meaning, but i don't respect your comment about triangles.

4:41 AM  
Anonymous alec said...

this page is in need of a serious kick in the ass

PS. hamster vibes. you know you want them

5:33 PM  
Anonymous a lake said...


5:29 PM  
Anonymous jahAtkinson said...

I miss the vibes

1:20 PM  
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Ezra I love you

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