Sunday, September 25, 2005


Last year, I started becoming fascinated by the AWESOME music I was hearing in stores around my hood; it had super clean guitars, catchy melodies and almost-robotic Latin percussion. I remember walking through the Morton Williams Supermarket on 115th St. and noting how the vibe of the music was almost as FRESH/CLEAN as Morton Williams itself, which had recently been renovated. Morton Williams is not the FRESHEST/CLEANEST supermarket in the world, but even kind of grimey supermarkets feel FRESH/CLEAN to me. Maybe it's the unlimited promise of foodshopping; "I could make ANYTHING with these bananas", "My pantry is gonna be SWEET", "DINNER PARTY TONITE!".


Most places with fluorescent lights are depressing, but NOT supermarkets. Man, I've got a lot of good supermarket/convenience store memories now that I think about it:

-@ a Hart's Grocery in London, 12/98: I was on vacation with my family and we hit up a Hart's to get some supplies. I remember: frozen Indian food, those diagonally-cut sandwiches in the plastic triangles, some U2 playing on the radio, Tango Apple Soda, hearty-ass British candy. It was CHRISTMASTIME.

Man, we really loved this place. We were hitting it up for ice cream after every meal. There was a touching tribute to Lawson written by an American expat living in Japan in the NY Times last spring.

-7/11 in Bloomfield, NJ: There was a time in my life where going here for a Slurpee was actually a special and exciting event. Tough guys hang out in the parking lot with their souped-up Hondas. You can make huge burritos in their industrial microwave. Come see it sometime. It's on Broad Street.

A few months ago, Vietnam celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon. There was a huge parade which included a SALUTE TO SUPERMARKETS:

Anyway, that awesome music is from the Dominican Republic and it's called Bachata. It was hard to find any information about it. I didn't even know what it was called until my creative writing professor told me. I wish I spoke Spanish. It reminds me of early Talking Heads. Please download these songs to your iPod and go to the supermarket. <----WHAT A CONSUMERIST/CAPITALIST THING TO SAY!

Anthony - Simplemente Te Amo

Vanessa - Ya No Te Creas

Both of these songs are from Bachata Hits 2005 and use variations on the chord progression of Pachebel's Canon.


Anonymous Jed said...


interesting one--although i dont frequent the supermarket much...meaning at all and i definitely dont glorify it as you do. but i definitely agree that there is an interesting cultural experience that one can take away from shoppin.sadly, much of it is all the same brand association and/or brand loyalty--and you definitely have proven this by mentioning downloading on "your ipod" assuming that everyone has one--i actually dont have an ipod i am happy to say---i am a pretty generic guy...however i see ipod slowly pulling me into their market audience.....i'm just trying not to give in.


9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, I don't know that much about the Wellness Industry, but here's what I know about 7-11: there's a good one on Rt. 100 in East Dover, Vermont, where a really cool cop hangs out with dudes from town. there is no way this cop does not smoke weed, he is always hanging out! vermont rules!!!

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7 11
where the fat people go

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Donaldo Martin Kuperberg said...

Hey Ezra,
Just happened to stumble upon your blog!

Anyway, wanted to let you know that I really do enjoy it!

I wanted to say a few things: That Bachata really make-a my day. Those sweet vibes remind me Jamaica, ca. 1971, I was living with a lovely woman named Josephine. We spent each night lounging on the beach, smoking reefer, making love, and listening to sweet, sweet internet vibes much like yours. My sweet boy: Carry on this legacy--I can see you have a gorgeous Ethnic Beauty of your own in Monica--a true Indian princess. Enjoy life, and long live internet vibes!

All my best wishes for a fine life, son,

9:49 AM  
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