Monday, February 20, 2006

Nota Bene: New Balance = Nuclear Brightness

It's time to update the "ghost shoez" repository. Internet Vibes is now the official place to witness and talk about the New Balance ghost shoez phenomenon.

This first one was submitted by an anonymous internet user in the comments section of an old post. I present it here for your convenience:

This next one is another random facebook find:

Finally, here is one that was living on my very own computer. The ghost shoez-wearer here is the one and only Jake Longstreth, bro of Dave and oscillationist with the Dirty Projectors on the epic summer tour which I also took part in.

I placed the pics in order of ghostliness (descending). There's also something ghostly about the similarity between the big guy in the red jacket and Jake in his red shirt, no?


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ezra i love you

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how can nike even compete? #spooky

11:05 AM  
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